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I am proud to use my creative ideas to support organizations like Operation Write Home by making cards for our HEROES.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

$1 6x6 Paper Pack Turns Into 23 Cards + Maybe Another 1 or 2 more

Picked up this cute 6x6 Stduio G printed paper pack for $1 at one of the local craft stores a few weeks back. With the OWH inspiration from Kristie's 6x6 tutorial and the 1 sheet wonder idea, I set out to see how many cards I could make with this package of 15 sheets and some coordinating cardstock sheets.

Studio G
6x6 Printed Paper Pack
15 Sheets

My approach was a little different that Kristie's in her tutorial. I made every card different rather than making several the same. That's just how my creative brain works. I get bored if I repeat the same card multiple times.  :)  This did not happen overnight. I worked on this occasionally over the past couple of weeks.

Here are the results - 23 Cards......so far..... 

Part 1

Part 2
These are the last scraps remaining.  Maybe I can wrangle another card or two with these pieces. 

To put the scrap pieces in perspective, they are on an 8.5x11 piece of paper. The strips on the left are max. 6 in. long.

One 12x12 Printed Page Equals 14 Cards

Inspired by one 12x12 piece of printed scrapbook paper, I set out to make some cards for personal use and some for Operation Write Home.

Yellow Grey Plaid
Reflections (Michaels)

The result was 14 cards. Only one card was duplicated - one from the Part 2 group. That was because I smudged the first attempt. Otherwise I would have had at least one additional card.

My favorite two are the ones in the upper left corner of each picture. I really like the yellow grey color combination. Michaels has the same plaid pattern paper in other color combinations. I will complete a similar exercise with a couple of those, but I think that this will be my favorite color.

Assorted Cards - Part 1
Assorted Cards - Part 2